domenica 6 giugno 2021

Nuova destinazione del blog

 Buongiorno, potete notare la lunga assenza, il blog doveva documentare la costruzione della stampante, ma ora la mia attenzione si è focalizzata su altro.

La stampante è costruita ed ha anche stampato alcune cose, meno di quelle che volessi, e ora devo risistemarla perché ho problemi con la stampa dell'ABS, non so se causate dal materiale oppure da altro.


Nel frattempo anche la mia CNC è in restauro, devo cambiare tutti i cuscinetti, e ne ho approffittato per una revisione completa, poi l'inverno ha impedito il proseguimento dei lavori.

Comunque non sono rimasto con le mani in mano e ho proseguito l'attività con FreeCAD e sto mettendo a punto una guida per la stampa 3d con FreeCAD, o meglio una guida alla modellazione 3d finalizzata alla stampa 3d, usando FreeCAD.

Quindi ho modificato l'intestazione del blog e anche la destinazione generale del blog.

mercoledì 21 giugno 2017

Work in progress

The work is in progress some material is arrived from Spain so I can complete with the missing bearings.

In the mean time I have done some wiring work:

I have managed to find some blue wiring cover and I've decided to follow the same approach used in my CNC, each motor is connected to the board throuh a screw terminal near the motor.

A view of the X carriage, (one LM8UU is missing, but soon i will be in place with the spare arrived from Spain), I have used some washer for the M4 bolts so the belt is mantained in place by them (the most lower) the upper seem to interfere with the free part of the belt, so maybe i have to check the or better replace with some smaller ones. 

This is the upper Z axis plate, I haven't seen none made in this manner maybe it is a Lythuanian patent, the smooth rod is held in place by a screw and the threaded rod is hel by a 635zz bearing.

The toolson solution is not useful with this configuration, so I have to study an approach to "suspend" the Z rods, maybe i will made a counter plate using a big washer and some bolts to hold the 625ZZ bearing so the weight of the Z axis is not held by the coupler,  as it is a flexible coupler it is not made to hold weight and I suspect that many Z wobble problems are arising from that project flaw.

Many people have adressed this problem in many ways, but think a the Z rod as a wire if you attach a weight it will stay straight if you push the wire it bend.  

First problem arising in the build the clearance between the Y endstop and the motor is too tight and the wiring is touching the rear of the motor, I have to rethink the position. (One of the first thinks to print).

Stay Tuned and happy printing.